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    I've been trying to share some simple pictures through NFC with my wife and I can not seem to get it to work. I 'calibrated' my phone with the NFC sticker that came with it in the box, and that works fine. But when I press share on a picture and press "tap and send" it tells me to put my phone up against hers, but nothing happens. She has a Samsung galaxy s3 and she can do the NFC sharing with other gs3's, which leads me to think that something is wrong with MY phone.

    I have "tap+send" turned on in settings and Bluetooth too. Am I missing something, cam you only use NFC if the two devices are the same, or is there something wrong with my phone??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    IIRC, you can only send contact information and URLs from a Nokia to a Samsung and vice versa (not sure if this is software limitation due to Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and/or Android). You can share photos and other things with another WP8, just a Samsung can share with other Samsung's.
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    As far as I know, WP8 has issues with "formatting" NFC tags, meaning what you try and send to an Android phone won't show up right cause it can't understand it. I've tried a few times to Tap+Send with friends who have Android phones, with no luck (shows up with a url/link to the sd card on wp8)
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    Tried sending a picture to my bro's S3. He just got a bunch of weird alien language.
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    Go to a web page, click share and then tap to send. It will share the web page with your wife's S3. I wish it were simpler like the S3 shares by just holding the phone and then prompting you to send.
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    So we can'r NFC apps? (have a Lumia 920 to NFC to another Lumia 920)

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