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    Just wondering if anyone had this issue before.

    About a month ago i was in the mountains which did have reception, but the data/internet connection wasnt good in most places.

    what happened was that the phone would go into a constant restart loop when i turned on the data. But when i turn data off, it stops restarting! This starts again when i turn on the data again.

    Im just wondering if its just my phone thats buggy or is it a software issue that happens to everyone else as well.
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    That sounds like a bug for your phone individually. The Nokia is known for not being able to receive internet very well after its in an area with a weak signal. So restarting the phone generally fixes that, see what happens if you have airplane mode on.
  3. moonshine88's Avatar

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    when put on airplane mode, it doesnt restart, from what i remember. so long as if data was on and the signal was weak it would restart. do you recon i should send it back to nokia?

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