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    ...wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

    When texting the phone will "lock/freeze" and I have to hit the power button to lock/unlock the phone and then I can complete and send the text?

    I performed a soft reset and haven't had the issue since but thought I would check if anyone else has experienced this particular issue.
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    Had the same issue pre portico. I believe it was the keyboard that was causing it to freeze though. If it continues, try a hard reset. Should fix the problem.
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    Thank you for the reply...one more consistent issue though and I'm through with Nokia and possibly even WindowsPhone.

    ...I'm on my fourth handset and I don't even know how many hard resets. Getting tired of having to setup my phone over and over.
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    I think it would be wise to stick around. There are bound to be a few bugs when switching kernels and improving a user experience. Let Microsoft and Nokia know just like you would anyone else. That's the only way they will ever know something is wrong.

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