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    I wanna get a Lumia 920 but I'm still not sure. I like iOS' design. But my father has iPhone and my brother has iPad. I feel bored when I use them.
    Which phone do you recommend me to buy? iPhone or Lumia 920?
    I care about UI design, look and stability. I was sure about getting Lumia 920 before I read tons of issues people have with their lumia. I'm living in Turkey so I won't be able to change my lumia if I get a bad quality one, I think. I must be lucky to get a good one.
    I generally use my phone to listen to music. So the sound quality with headphones is important for me. Can you tell me about it?
    I read that Portico update was released. Did it fix your battery, heat, camera and random reset issues?
    BTW does the Lumia screen response as fast as iPhones?
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    UI and look - this is subjective. As you say you're bored with iPhone 5 then maybe the WP design will work for you. It is based on typographical hierarchy to channel your vision to the content.
    Issues - this is something that I can't really answer for. Isn't there insurance available over there? Or a warranty service in case your Lumia goes bad? Maybe try contacting Nokia care should it all go pear shaped.
    Music - the app itself is an unburdened infinite trainwreck. But music quality from a standard HTC headset (I don't have Beats) is actually pretty good on the Lumia, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Portico - Can't really answer this as I didn't have issues prior to Portico. Except for the odd lock-up and screen glitch (but I already had glitches on my HTC TITAN too).
    Responsiveness - Very good. I would say it responds faster than my iPod Touch, but I can't really compare it to iPhone.
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    Thanks for the answers.
    Yes, I have been thinking about the apps but if marketplace is growing fast, it won't be a problem. Thanks for that info. I was worried if no one cared about creating apps for Windows Phone.
    There is a warranty service but I'm not sure if they change the phone.
    I think the responsiveness of iPod is same with iPhone.
    Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by farukdgn View Post
    I wanna get a Lumia 920 but I'm still not sure. I like iOS' design. But my father has iPhone and my brother has iPad. I feel bored when I use them.
    Sounds like you answered your own question.
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    Read my thread "Why Im thinking of getting iPhone and wait until WP is more developed.

    If things i mentioned wont bother you, get Lumia

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