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    I was looking at this thread and I was wondering if there's still no way to do anything but text? My work requires us to include an image and a few links to our website(hyperlinked). Right now it's only text, and HTML doesn't seem to parse.

    Does Windows Phone 8 have this? It seems like Microsoft really oversimplifies these things. I wish the email app were as Robust as Outlook 2010 sometimes(like how we can only do a max of "Download emails every 2 hours", and I want 24)
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    While you can't do a full-blown hyperlink (with the <a href=""> tag) in your e-mail signature, Outlook (on Windows Phone) will pick up a full url, and turn that url into a hyperlink. If you want a better push e-mail time, I think you are out of luck and stuck with the options given to you.

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