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    I've been experiencing this issue a LOT. Seems like everytime i add a mobile number to a contact (which already has a mobile number attached to it), after some time i lose the one added. This is a MAJOR problem as a lot of my contacts have multiple cell phones. Any idea how I can fix it?
    fyi, using an HTC 8X

    My phone is primarily synced with my Gmail account. To test, I added a number to an existing gmail contact and then synced my phone. It did not pick up the extra mobile number.
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    it may take a couple of syncs. I have this issue with LinkedIn accounts.
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    What about numbers added on my cellphone? One particular contact's number i've added into my phone at least 15 times. Are you having this problem too?
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    I've had problems with syncing gmail contacts on IOS and WP. I solved it by moving all my contacts to my MS account and removing the gmail sync. No issues since.

    I know this probably isn't what you want to hear but with Google slowly removing options this might be your best bet if you decide to stay with WP.

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