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    Sorry if this has been figured out already - but I see a lot of threads about facebook messages not coming through to the messaging app and not alerting you if not instantly, then later.

    The issue is with the status of the person trying to message you:

    If they are on mobile through FB (the little phone icon appears by their name on the website) - their messages will NOT come to your messaging app.

    If they are green and online - the messages will come almost instantly to your messaging app.

    I also believe if you have FB messaging turned on through them messaging app - you will not receive messaging alerts form the FB app itself - I noticed Facebook for WP8 does not play nice when it has two or more connections fighting for it - for example: Photos in my Skydrive were set to auto share to facebook (which I forgot about) so when I took a picture and tried sharing it - It would always fail to upload or I'd have duplicate pictures that were set to private.

    Anyways, I tested all this out with multiple people and with out fail my theories were proved right. MS needs to change this to work with more modern Facebook API's ASAP because Facebook integration is one of the big selling points of WP8.
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    wow good catch. i think you are indeed right. because now that i think about it, the ppl messages that i didnt get a notification on my phone from were on mobile.
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    Its been known since WP7.1 that offline messages don't work. After Tango, we can send offline messages but still cant receive. Forum search will get you to an amazing thread from 2012 where IM+ Pro was recommended.
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    It's funny you should mention this. With me, I aren't having issues with receiving messages from people that are offline/on mobile. I'm using a Nokia Lumia 920 but I also have an iPod Touch 4th Gen and HTC Flyer tablet both with FB Messenger installed. There is a few seconds delay though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockstarzzz View Post
    Its been known since WP7.1 that offline messages don't work. After Tango, we can send offline messages but still cant receive. Forum search will get you to an amazing thread from 2012 where IM+ Pro was recommended.
    that is not the same though, if they are mobile they are online. offline would be neither on mobile or desktop (or anywhere else). It is a flaw MS needs to fix.
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    please report your findings to microsoft. it would be very helpful if they use this info toward a fix for everybody! :)
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    i still haven't got a message one hour and i logged into my facebook i see it....it sux indeed
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    A mobile sign does not always mean that a person is online ... I think that Android's mobile Facebook Messanger shows online with green dot ... but if a person cut his data connection (no internet connection), it still shows mobile sign in fb ...
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    This issue has been reported ever since FB chat was introduced in Mango. For a 'trouble free' chat experience, both contacts need to be online. Otherwise its just a hit and miss.
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