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    Does anyone have an issue with the volume controls on podcasts? Sometimes when playing music or a podcast in the Xbox music my volume buttons don't raise or lower the volume. Also sometimes the podcasts or music will play very low like its on 5 and I have to start another cast or track to (reset) the volume . But once I get that volume set the controls usually becomes unresponsive unless I power down the phone. I'm on my 4th Lumia 920 and this happened on everyone one and all the phones were new phones.
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    i am facing an issue with the nokia music player...when i insert the headphones the volume controls dont work most times..even though it changes from 0-30 the volume infact remains the same...its kind of weird and doent work till i restart the phone...Doing the same everyday now..
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    Soft reset your phone once...
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    I have been having this issue since the gdr2 update. Never before that I can recall. When it sticks I can set the volume to 0 or up to 30 with no change at all to the volume output.
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    This issue still persists in my 928 after Gdr3 and after a phone replacement.
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    Sorry for little offf topic question but could u guys please tell me from where to access xbox music. My nokia music store doesn't show xbox option.

    i can access xbox game but never saw xbox music
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    The audio update that was released this week is supposed to have fixed this issue.
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    The volume control bug is not fixed on the Icon.
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    My issue is even horrible, the volume controls (vol down) function works only if I have the phone on the charger.

    I have to use Adjust Volume app, it is like the lower key is stuck

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