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    As of this afternoon, I am not getting SMS (can't be iMessage since I am on WP) messages from my friends that are on iOS. I was getting them before this afternoon. Another friend has BB and I am getting their messages.

    The only thing that changed was some updates form HERE apps on the 920.


    I am not sure where to go with this and I have not found any other posts on it.

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    Most probably a carrier problem. SMS problems are related to carriers most of the times. Maybe they are not sending SMS but MMS and you somehow have not set up mms settings
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    Straight text, no multimedia contained within. So, doubt there is something with MMS....
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    Well, figured it out but I am not sure this is the most elegant solution. I have iMessage on my ipad and iMac turned on. When certain people using iOS would text me, they were sending it in "iMessage mode". I turned off iMessage on both devices and now I am getting texts again. I am sure the iOS users should be able to choose how they send me texts, but this works for now.
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    Your phone number was set up as an imessage account
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