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    Where can i buy a microsoft gift card in Dublin? i dont have a credit card so its my only payment method. like i dont even know what they are like if theyre xbox points stuff or whatever, PLEASE HELP. cheers
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    What do you want the gift card for is it for xbox live those can be brought in most supermarkets or game stores or online
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    There's not a gift card for the Windows Phone Store... would love to see it happen but the only Microsoft Gift Cards that I can think of are the Xbox Live Points and Membership cards.

    Microsoft had a promotion last year when you purchased a new Windows Phone they sent you a $25 Windows Phone Store card and you redeem Bing Points for Store cards. But just to buy over the counter, they aren't available.
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    I thought you could buy apps and "charge" them to your cell phone bill, or is that only WP8 and/or up to the carrier to enable?

    On WP8 there are a couple of options in the wallet app... PayPal, debit card and something called FidMe (have no clue what that one is).

    Come to think of it, couldn't you buy a generic prepaid Visa/Mastercard and use that to sign up on the phone?
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    Only way I know of to acquire a Microsoft gift Card for the windows phone is to your your bing points with bing rewards $1.25 & $5
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    Quote Originally Posted by havox22 View Post
    Only way I know of to acquire a Microsoft gift Card for the windows phone is to your your bing points with bing rewards $1.25 & $5
    yea that's all I have seen also. Don't understand why you can't just use points like you do on the arcade games, but there was a game I had on WP7 that had DLC you actually used points for.

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