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    I’ve been using Windows phone (Lumia 920) for almost 2 Years now.
    Recently I decided to have a tablet for work, reading e-books and so,
    It’s so hard to make the laptop portable as the tablet you know, so I started to search for Windows 8 tablet. And because I really take a lot of notes and making so drawing and sketching I wanted something with a pen or stylish support. 10 inch tablets or higher isn’t convenient for taking notes.
    The best option was Dell Venue 8. Unfortunately it isn’t available where I live.
    And I would really want a Surface with 8 inch. Maybe Surface Mini if they didn’t cancelled it.
    So I decide to take an android tablet. So I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

    Fast description for the specification
    8 inch Screen, Quad-core 1.6 GHz, and 2 GB RAM
    And the most important thing is that it has an S-Pen and SIM card.
    It runs Android Jelly Beans.
    I’m using it now for almost 2 months and I want to share my experience with it as a windows phone user.
    The first thing that make different is the Home Screen.
    I now realize how much good is the Live Tiles. I really love Live Tiles but didn’t think they are so good this far. The Android Home Screen is so messed up. It’s less organized than windows phone and harder to navigate especially when you have a lot more Home Screen.
    Making the tiles in different size make it easier to check with your home screen.
    I love the setting in Android. It’s well categorized and easier to reach. Unlike windows phone.
    I really hate the setting in windows phone.
    Other thing that I like in Android in that the notification center can have more than 4 setting to switch.
    But overall, I think the windows phone interface is much better than Android.

    Store Experience
    I didn’t like Google play so much. It’s not convenient to surf on it.
    Actually I also don’t like Microsoft Store too.
    Both need more friendly enhancements.

    The App,
    Most thing I love about Windows Phone is the fact you can install as many apps as you want without making your phone slower.
    In the other hand installing a lot of apps in Android will cause a little lag and hanging.
    Even with 2 GB of RAM. So I think in low Spcs devices it’s really hard to get many apps.
    Anyway, the apps in Android is Very Very Good and well designed.
    Yes, there is a gape even with the latest announce about there are more than 500K in Windows Store.
    There I are a lot of apps that you can’t find in windows store. Just take a look at Autodesk’s apps and you will be Jealous about not having them in Windows Phone.
    I think if Microsoft make better APIs it will tempts the Developers to make more and better apps for Windows. So they should do something new in Windows 10 APIs.

    Yes, this is very important. And even I’m using my phone in Developer Preview but it never hangs or slowing down. Unlike my Samsung Tablet sometimes it hang when you run some apps. I faced a lot of app’s crashes and sometimes I have to restart the tablet to make it works well.
    Again I’m using Android Jelly Beans so I don’t know about other version of Android.

    Sometimes my friends try to convince me to switch to Android.
    I know there’s a lag and hanging with Android but if I have a high Specs Phone like 3 GB RAM and Octa CPUs it will be less lagging.
    But, after having and trying Android for 2 months I think I can’t use it with the smoothness of windows phone.
    So I will wait for the next Big Thing for Windows.
    Thanks a lot for reading my long post with my poor English.
    If you have an experience with both platforms please tell me your opinion
    I really want to know your thoughts.
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    01-16-2015 03:06 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your review. That was well written, and you put a lot of thought into it. I had no difficulty understanding what you wrote. 😊
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    01-16-2015 03:19 AM
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    Very thorough and well written. Thank you for the comparison.

    I, too, have been thinking about acquiring a tablet, and have been unable to settle on what size would best fit my needs. I want the 10 inch for a bigger screen while surfing, but want something smaller like an 8 inch that would allow me to read e-books easier.

    As far as writing with a pen, I believe either size would work for me, but the 10 inch would be easier if it were laying down on a desk or table while I wrote. It would take the smallness of the 8" to hold comfortably while writing, so I definitely understand where you're coming from there.

    While a 10" in kickstand mode is fine for doing markup with a pen, or an occasional signature, taking handwritten notes would be impossible in kickstand mode, at least for me.

    I appreciate your feedback comparing the 2 OS options as well. I have been tempted to give in and get a cheap android just to get something, but keep deciding I would rather wait until I can get what I really want. I don't think I can stand the static icon home screen on the android. I need my live tiles like I have on my larger laptop (15.6") and smallish phone (Lumia 635).

    Lenovo is supposed to be coming out with a complete handwriting recognition that you can use in any text box with ease in Windows 8.1+, so I may be waiting on one of those products to come out before I jump. Would probably be worth the wait.
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    01-16-2015 09:52 AM
  4. wasim sallam's Avatar
    I also thought that 10" tablet is the perfect size. but the 8" is really good size and easier to handle.
    it's more suitable to use it with pen too.
    I know every platform is unique but i really love been in windows phone.
    only few days remaining to reveal more about Windows 10 (phone)
    so I know the platform will be even better
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    01-17-2015 11:53 AM

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