1. AlvinApp's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I want to bring up a new tip calculator free from AlvinApp. This great new app allows you to do different things that I haven't seen from other tip calculators. Here are the key features:

    1. Easy and intuitive to use
    2. It allows you to enter different items of your meal, if you are not splitting your bill evenly
    3. It gives you three customizealbe tip percentages
    4. You can also calculate the tip before/after tax amount of your bill according to your preference.
    5. Easy and quick split of the bill for all three tip percentages.

    So, please give it a try, search for AlvinApp in the marketplace! It's free!

    08-28-2011 02:58 AM
  2. Dezires's Avatar
    Kinda wish this app was still published in the store. Love the functionality of this app calculator compare to the rest out there when as I am still using it on my HTC radar. I was able to calculate my own shares of the bill at the end of a dinner party.

    Please bring it to Window Phone 8!! So I can finally switch. or someone make one similar to this : )
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    11-18-2013 11:29 AM