Scrivano, a new application for handwritten notes on Windows tablets


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Feb 26, 2022
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A few months ago I started the development of a new handwriting application for Windows. The app is called Scrivano. It is not aimed at power users who need a lot of features or people who like typing (there is no typing support atm), but it aims to be a simpler alternative to OneNote for Windows (I will also release an Android version in the future).

Now, I’ve finally managed to release a public beta of the app on Microsoft Store! The application is called Scrivano and it is available at the following link. It is paid but there is a 30 days free trial (so there is no need to pay if you just want to try it out).


The application originated because I wasn’t particularly satisfied with OneNote for Windows as I think it lacks in certain areas. The app is very simple and aimed at handwriting (no typing support). It gives you an infinite canvas but horizontal limited space (so exporting to PDF is painless). Here are some of the main features:

  • Grid Snapping, very useful for diagrams and tables.
  • Laser tool for when you’re sharing your screen
  • Custom paper size and 4 different backgrounds: Plain, Lined, Grid, Dotted
  • Stickers, this allows to save frequently used diagrams and drawings so you can just drag and drop when convenient.
  • Automatic filling of strokes (I mostly use this feature for highlighting stuff by putting them in boxes).
  • Dark theme ala OneNote
  • Dashed and dotted strokes
  • All files are saved locally anywhere on your main drive

If this is something that suits your usecase, I would love to hear your thoughts on the application!


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