1. mawoc's Avatar
    Picture Vault - application to hide your pictures with some great unique features:
    - your photos can be encrypted, so you don't have to worry if you lost your phone. (its not just password entering thing, they are really encrypted!!!)

    - this app don't have extra account or even 'decoy' mode. EVERY password you enter, create new vault (you can call it account) which in fact is... decoy mode :-) How it works? Simply. When app starts, just enter password. If vault does not exist - one will be created. If it exists - you will be able to browse it. This way no one can guess how many vault you have, and you can create one for curious friends, one for boss, and one just for you :-)

    - many other standard (like multi import, export delete pictures) and non standard features (like warning about pictures that was imported but not removed from phone library).

    Try it and give some feedback.

    03-30-2012 04:08 AM