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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up regarding the next release of MetroTalk. Along with the many existing features (you can find more info at MetroTalk), the following changes are coming up very soon with v2.0:

    - The main app tile now displays the number of unread conversations
    - Reduced by 50% the time required between launching the app until displaying offline messages
    - Added support for compressed data transfers, which helps reduce both data usage and download times
    - Added ability to periodically update the live tile counter while the app is not active, for cases where you read conversations outside of MetroTalk
    - Added ability to sign in/out of the account; storing the password is no longer a requirement for automatic sign-in
    - Added contacts from the Google Voice account in the autocomplete recipient textbox in the Call/Sms page
    - Added ability to map an unknown phone number to a contact that is only stored locally on the device and not in Google Voice contacts
    - Added favorites panel in Call/Sms page (option to automatically show/hide in settings)
    - Added ability to customize spacing space between SMS messages
    - Added ability to customize the date/time format in SMS messages
    - Added ability to display the contact's picture in the SMS conversation view
    - Updated the folder header list to be always visible
    - Added changelog in About page

    Developing for Windows Phone has been a very exciting ride so far. Even more exciting is the fact that MetroTalk has been featured for a few days now on Nokia's "App Highlights" app :) Thanks to everyone for your support and as always, (1) expect more updates and (2) feel free to contact me for any problems or feedback you have.
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    05-31-2012 12:05 PM