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May 30, 2013
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In a thread exploring the possibility of switching back to a dumbphone (, I replied that I've actually done so in the recent past, but that there was one deal breaker: lack of Group MMS support.

Someone suggested that I could use GroupMe's SMS functionality to do group texting on a dumbphone. I found this page on the GroupMe website, but it still wasn't clear to me how that worked.

I assumed everyone still had to have GroupMe accounts, so, I sent the following email to GroupMe support asking for clarification:


I have a question about your Group SMS functionality through GroupMe.

Is this a free service (except for standard carrier SMS rates) anyone in the U.S. can use, whether or not they have a GroupMe account?

For example, I could set up a group via SMS, send message to that group, and the other group members would just receive it via SMS, regardless of whether or not they use the GroupMe app or have an account?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Best regards,


Today I received the following reply:

Hi there!

If the person you wish to add intoyour group does not have a Groupme account, however if you add them using there phone number, it will create automatically a SMS account for them.

However, if they have a Groupme account and just wish to receive the group message via sms, they should change there notification make sure that the notification in-app is dis bale and set to sms so that they will receive the messages through sms.

Please be informed that by sending sms you will be charge and it is not free unlike for application it is for free just make sure that you have internet connection.

Thanks for using GroupMe and let us know if we can help with anything else!

The GroupMe Support Squad #)

So it appears that GroupMe does, indeed, offer free group SMS service (in the U.S. only, standard carrier SMS rates apply) that can be used without anyone even needing to sign up for a GroupMe account or use the app.

Has anyone actually used the GroupMe SMS service that can tell us how well it works?


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Feb 6, 2015
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I used to use it before I had a data plan. It worked fine from what I recall. Basically instead of letters or a photo for your avatar, it would just show sms with your name in the group chat. You'll get all responses as they come in.


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Nov 12, 2012
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It works fine. Each conversation comes from its own number, so you can name conversations.

Attached photos that would show up in the app show up as a web link in the text.

I didn't have issues for the most part, GroupMe wasn't an issue when I went back to a Pre 2 for a couple weeks.

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