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    My 500px Free - Download QR code below

    This is a free ad-supported version of My 500px.

    Any feedback or suggestions, please contact mocapps@live.com

    My 500px is a viewer for 500px website which will allow you to login, like and fave images. My 500px can be set to update your lock screen wallpaper automatically. My 500px also features "My Cycle Tile" a live tile which contains up to 9 500px images YOU select to cycle thru.

    With My 500px you can view features by popular, fresh and upcoming and filter by categories and sorting. Adding comments to photos will be added soon and more features to follow!


    - Browse beautiful photos by features and categories.
    - My Cycle Tile: A unique live tile with up to 20 images of your choice!
    - Lock screen wallpaper - Automatically updates your lock screen wallpaper to feature/category/sort/user photos/user favorites/search you set every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours!
    - Save images to your phone, email and share to facebook or twitter
    .- Upload photos directly from your phone!
    - Login to your 500px account
    - View your photos and favorites
    - View photos or favorites of users
    - Search by keyword, tag or username.
    - Image and data feed cached for quicker browsing. Cache deleted daily.
    - Follow/Unfollow users, Vote and Fave photos with your 500px account
    - Image detail with zoom in feature.

    v1.4 - 2/22/2013- Free Ad-Supported version released.- Update to caching system which fixes caching bug.

    v1.3 - 1/27/2013- Added exif photo information.- Added search by keyword, tag, username.- Added set locksscreen wallpaper in any view (feature/category/sort/user photos/user favorites/search).- View user's friends and followers.- Share photos via email, facebook or twitter.- Image view can now be viewed in landscape.- Bug fixes, performance enhancements and more.









    03-05-2013 09:55 AM

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