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    Hi all,
    I'd like to share great news. Sicher, our free secure alternative to Whatsapp finally comes to Windows Phone.

    Sicher features true end-to-end encryption of both text messages and file attachments. With anonymous push notifications and the ability to set a timer for when messages will self-destruct, Sicher also includes password protection for the app itself.

    See the article here at WPCentral
    Sicher from the IM+ team promises to keep your messages 'super-safe' | Windows Phone Central

    See more at

    Fairymary from Sicher Team
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    06-20-2014 05:51 AM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Are you the app developer? Or just a user sharing an app with the community? WPCentral has covered this app on the front page couple of days back. It is a nice little app, but lacks speed and features. Of course, also lacks friends.
    06-20-2014 06:07 AM
  3. FairyMary1's Avatar
    Yes, I am from Sicher team, I should have added the disclaimer.
    I posted this here on forums to let those who didn’t see the post on WPCentral know about the app. Also I’m here to answer user’s questions.
    06-20-2014 07:23 AM
  4. d0m1's Avatar
    Hi FairyMary1

    I've got a question: What if I don't want messages to self-destruct? I can't find an option to deactivat this "feature" (or bug ;)) or set the default setting to "never".. Second question: Many reviewers criticize that you are only using RSA 1024bit keys, will Sicher change that to 2048bit RSA keys in the future?
    06-21-2014 06:43 AM
  5. gerzhwin's Avatar
    I find it quite fast and, except one situation when I sent a picture before the first one wasn't completely transferred, very reliable.

    Thanks for your effort, keep going, and hopefully more users will join!
    07-10-2014 05:07 AM

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