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    Snapfly is your camera app of choice for short-term snapshots.

    Capture your photos, set a lifespan, share them with your friends and family, and let Snapfly take care of the rest by deleting them automatically from your Windows Phone.
    Don’t waste your storage with unnecessary photos. Keep your photo albums tidy and organized.

    Clean up your (photo) life with Snapfly!

    Real world problem

    Sometimes you take a picture of you car to know where you parked your car. And this photo is on your phone... forever... But at the time you took the photo you already know: "I need this picture for only 8 hours". Snapfly solves this problem.

    Take a photo


    Decide what to do with the photo

    You can save the photo for a given lifespan or just send the photo to facebook, sms, ... and after that the photo is deleted and you never see it again.

    1080x1920-en-us-02-captureoptions-lumia-930-300px.png 1080x1920-en-us-03-setdelay-lumia-930-300px.png

    Keep track of your photos

    The gallery shows all photos and when they will be deleted. And if you change your mind, you can also keep the image forever.

    1080x1920-en-us-04-photogallery-lumia-930-300px.png 1080x1920-en-us-05-photodetails-lumia-930-300px.png

    Trial mode

    In trial mode, you are able to "share & delete" photos. But it's not possible to save photos for lifespan longer than 1 hour.



    Snapfly - Clean up your (photo) life with Snapfly!
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