Accessing photos on WP7 via Windows 10

Nov 28, 2013
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Hi folks,

I'm finally clearing out my old Windows Phones and ensuring I have everything I need off them backed up, etc. I have an old Samsung Omnia 7 and I'm really struggling to get the photos off there.

When I connect it to a Surface Pro, it recognised 'something' but I had the USB Composite Device error. I found an optional update in Windows Update for a Windows Phone 7 driver. Now it recongises the phone properly as 'Samsung Omnia 7' but it doesn't show up as an accessible drive on This PC. You can just see it in the Bluetooth and Other Devices part of Settings.

I've tried to connect them via Bluetooth, which sometimes notionally works but there seems to be no way to send photos via BT.

I've tried to use the existing apps but obviously they're all broken, so you can create a tweet and save it in drafts but it doesn't connect to Twitter to save so I can access on another device.

I've tried to use the internet, which is a nightmare as it keeps coming up with warnings. None of the websites work except Facebook, but when I get to the point of needing to press the 'Browse' button to select a photo it won't let me select it.

So I'm completely stumped as to how to get the photos of the damn phone. As an absolute worst case scenario I can take photos of the photo with my primary phone but as you'd expect it isn't a very good copy as it has that screen glare you get when taking pictures of screens.

Any ideas gratefully received!


Apr 26, 2014
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Just bumping this as I'm really out of ideas!

As far as I know, your chances are:
  • Email the pictures to yourself
  • Install Zune software and use that to import the photos.
I would keep away from WP7's OneDrive uploads, provided it still works, since it resizes your pictures to a useless definition.
Assuming you're running the latest Windows 11, you may have to resort to run an older version of Windows in a VM (most likely Win7 in VirtualBox), since the installer doesn't seem to play nice with the latest Windows.

You can find more about Zune and a mirror to the software on the Zune subreddit.

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