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    Hi im Mr G Reaper (you can call me Dave if that makes you feel more comfortable :) )

    I am a novice coder and have only been programming in c# for the last month (i have made minecraft mods in java before ...badly lol)

    I want to use this thread to:
    1) share info on my apps (main reason)
    2) have a convient place for people to get hold of me and chat about Bugs(errr i mean Undocumented Surprise Features), feature requests and well anything related to my app.
    3) give me a nice link to add to my signature :)

    ok so heres the video of the phone version of 2nd edition :

    and the store version:

    Direct links:
    Windows Phone :
    Windows Store : Rpg App (2nd Edition) app for Windows in the Windows Store (WARNING opens the store direct, its just the way microsoft have done it and nothing i have power over)

    So whats my app do?
    Well im glad i asked myself that, It rolls a random character up, thats its core function. and saves that character as a hyper linked HTML file, this means when it generates spells for wizards, or just what taverns are in your home town they will all be neatly organised and linked in the resulting file.

    Thats all?
    Dear Tac no, it generates taverns and gangs for your home town, immortals your home town may celebrate and a whole lot more, and were not just talking names here, it will give a description of the tavern too. more content will be added too this is my baby!

    Anything else?
    I give you access to the growing number of generators that im making as the app matures so you can use them seperate from the main function should you wish (at the time of this post there is a couple more generators in the store version, but that will be evened out as i go on :) )

    So how much are you charging for this app?
    nothing, its free.

    Ah so you have adverts then?
    Nope, i may revisit that decision but im rather against adverts so there are none at the moment.

    How do you expect to make money?
    Not in it for the cash, but i do have a big prominent donate button, if you can afford to buy me a coffee that will make my day.

    Im skint any other way to make your day?
    Yep rate the app (only if you use it and like it, dont rate just to make me happy, that just wouldnt mean anything!).

    If you want something a bit more basic then here is the 1st edition:

    direct link :

    personally i recommend 2nd edition though

    Ok so that is my apps, i thank you for looking, hope you like them :) with luck as the months pass and the months turn into years these videos will be updated and new apps added, im here for the longhaul :)

    I may if there is enough interest, update this post with updates i do to the apps (maybe a pastebin link to a change log to avoid a massive post...lets see how the buzz goes)

    Im putting together a large update (probably take microsoft a day or so to certify it :( ) im adding this forum thread to the about section to allow users a more friendly way to talk to me then my email addy, hope thats ok!

    being added is:
    inventory on generation (including a posibility of magicial inventory)
    massive changes to the ui of the phone version, including access to all generators and in a way i feel is more fluid.
    a re-roll button added to the display screen on the phone version to save having to change pivot.

    fixed a lot of bugs and refactored a lot of the code (i mean 90% of the code has been ajusted to allow for a better framework as i continue.
    a lot of spelling fixed
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    After 2 months of struggling with my lumia 735 i had to finally admit that the windows os is no good for me.
    Its great to program for (really c# and visual studio certainly the best language and ide i have used) but no good for my everyday use, too many apps missing or old versions of the ones that are on android.

    since i can only really deal with one phone and one contract i spoke to my service provider who swapped my lumia for a xperia m2 ...yeah not a great phone but hay its an android.

    This means that all future versions of the app will be on android (i have already made a start on porting it) ...the irony is not lost on me that im leaving windows os phone due to the lack of apps and of course by leaving there will be one less app updated lol

    some info:
    my 2 versions were downloaded a total of 350 times at last check (unique downloads)
    most of the downloads were from brazil (nope no idea why) and the usa
    total crashes: 1st edition 22 2nd edition 0 (quite proud of that)
    of the 350 individuals that downloaded it only 2 rated it
    total amount of donations : 0 :(
    total time piled into the app from a development stand point....i lost track but its in the tripple digits if not more hour wise
    total stress level from microsoft certification issues ...over 9000 !

    I shall not be removing the apps from windows phone store or windows app store, as it still works and is pretty rock solid, there will be no bug fixes or updates though (sorry i cant code java and c# at the same time, remember this is just a hobby)
    06-03-2015 05:39 PM

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