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    Meet our 3 edition of Subway Simulator 3D - now in New York!
    The appearance of the maps and stations presented in this game may be inaccurate. The developer disclaims any responsibility for possible inaccuracies.
    Miles and miles of intricate tunnels, high speed and punctuality - try Subway Simulator 3 - New York Edition and find out what it feels like to explore the Big Apple from under the ground!
    Subway Simulator 3 - New York Edition:
    The entire switch panel is at your disposal: as soon as you arrive at a station, use the "door" button to make the doors open. Wait for the passengers to take their seats then use the "door" button again to close the doors. Now starts the journey! Use the lever on the left to adjust the appropriate speed according to the signs. If you speed up too much, you will get a ticket. In the upper right corner there's a passenger counter. Take as many passengers as you can to gain the highest score. Good luck!

    Subway Simulator 3 - New York Edition FEATURES:
    - Realistic simulation: you are in full control of the train;
    - Amazing high-quality 3D graphics;
    - Smooth animations;
    - Incredibly addictive gameplay;
    - Various stations to visit.

    Subway Simulator 3 - free version
    For other devices.
    06-14-2016 11:18 PM

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