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    I would like to introduce my new app.

    Project REST


    As an app developer I have to test REST-Call almost daily and analyze the JSON data from the response.
    I have used tools or some browser addons in the past.
    These tools always had some decisive disadvantages for me. Either they were very expensive or they were designed for small projects where you want to test one or two calls.
    I also lacked some features for convenience (more about this later).

    What is Project REST
    It's not that easy to descripe Project REST's functionality in a few lines, but i try.

    In Project REST I can create solutions.
    Projects are then created in the solution. (e.g.: LoginServer, MyLottoServer, CMS).
    A project can have various parameters, such as endpoint, basicAuthentication, path, query and header parameters.

    Different services can then be defined in a project. For example
    |-> Login
    |-> Register

    The services can also have parameters such as ResourcePath, path, query and header parameters.

    And that brings you to the actual heart, the calls. Each service can contain calls.
    The parameters defined in the project and service are inherited to the call when it is created. The call can be executed. A change to the parameters in the projects/services is not inherited directly in the call, but can be inherited automatically in all calls or explicitly selected in the calls. This was a feature I often missed on other tools. I'll try to explain this in more detail using an example:

    In the project I have two endpoints (for prod and beta). In the service I have stored some header parameters, for example
    ○ Accept-Language = en-English
    ○ Accept-Language = en-US
    ○ Cookie = ....
    When I create a call now, the values from the project and the service are set (each value once, in this case de-DE, not en-US). But I can also easily remove parameters in the call or add the ones defined in the projects/services. I can easily switch between beta and prod endpoint in the call or globally for all calls.

    Let's say the cookie is an authentication cookie that changes often (every time I log in). Then with many other tools I would have to copy the cookie manually into every call after I logged in.
    With Project REST I can simply pass on the value of a parameter to all calls. I can either add it where the parameter does not yet exist, only overwrite it where it already exist or both.

    When a call has been executed, I can analyze the response in different views. As RAW, in JSON format, as HTML, as image or just the headers, whose values I can copy easily to the clipboard (Very useful in the cookie example).
    From the JSON view I can transfer the Response-JSON to the "Json Box" with one click. This is a simple viewer for JSON structures.

    That would be a rough overview of Project REST. I hope it was reasonably understandable.
    There are still some plans for future features that I will implement.

    Some more information:
    Project REST also runs on Windows 10 Mobile. Everyone has to decide for himself how useful it is to work on that screen size. In continuum mode it makes sense to use.

    Project REST is not completely free. In the free version you cannot export (but import) a solution and only execute GET and POST calls. However, as a private user you should get along with the free version.

    03-18-2018 11:13 AM
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    a new update is available.

    It possible to open the Json data at the Json Box in a new Windows.
    Also there is a tutorial now.

    jsonwindows-screen.png tutorial-screenshot.png
    03-24-2018 08:08 AM
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    A new update is available.

    Main Features:
    - Design improvements
    - Json Box is searchable now

    solution-design.png json-search.png
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    04-03-2018 01:29 PM
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    a new Version of Project REST is available.

    - The automatic redirect can be activated/deactivated
    - HTTP verb is displayed in the response

    05-28-2018 10:46 AM
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    there is the version 1.2.0 of Project REST in the store.

    The biggest innovation is the Call Wizard to create a new call very fast.

    Further innovations:
    - Query parameters are displayed in the response
    - New keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+I Import, CTRL+D Duplicate)

    07-01-2018 03:13 PM
  6. einkunz's Avatar
    A new version is available

    - Help added (Shortcuts and Buttons)
    - Easier access to the call wizard
    - Solution layout changed

    07-03-2018 02:45 PM
  7. einkunz's Avatar
    after many minor updates Project REST has now made the leap to version 2.0.0.

    The main component of the version is the new "Quick Call" feature, which allows calls to be executed directly without having to create a solution beforehand. Of course you can use the same features you already know from the calls within the solutions.

    As further innovations, standard parameters, such as Accept and Content-Type, can now be simply added to the calls via a menu. In addition, the JSON can be opened and analyzed directly from the response view in a new window.

    Quick access to the most important features is now also displayed if no solution is open.

    The following bugs have been fixed:
    - The currently open solution is still displayed after restart.
    - NEW"-button works even if no parent project or service is available.
    - Call Wizard is now also scrollable on the smartphone

    quickcall.png standardparameter.png jsonnewwindow.png
    07-13-2018 08:24 AM
  8. einkunz's Avatar

    the proversion of Project REST only costs 99 cent instead of 9,99 $ this month.
    08-07-2018 04:28 PM
  9. einkunz's Avatar

    the full version of Project REST (inApp buy) is free in until the end of september.

    08-29-2018 09:46 AM
  10. einkunz's Avatar

    after a long time there is again a bigger update.

    Also the full version of Project REST is available for free until the end of the month.

    # VERSION 3.0.0

    Request History - Save executed requests/responses in a collection to view them again at any time.

    ★ UI
    - Deletion is now possible directly in lists via Swipe.
    - Added Tabview to the Rest Manager.
    - New buttons in the lower menu.
    - Many more UI changes.

    ★ MORE
    - Parameters can be de-/activated.
    - Exported solutions are formatted. (Better control when checking in to version control)
    - Time and date added to response.
    - Query parameters added to response.

    Support for Windows Mobile has been removed. RIP Windows Phone!
    06-08-2019 06:44 AM

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