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    As many of you know, you can bill your Windows Phone Marketplace purchases to your carrier's bill, but what wasn't known is how do you keep track of these purchases.
    Since I only have a Windows Phone on AT&T, I'm only going to be able to provide the site where you can keep track of these purchases with them.

    If anyone has the site for each other carrier, kindly post them as a reply!

    For AT&T they hide the site really good, and there is no support documentation for it, but I happily ran across it by accident!
    The site you want to go to for your purchases that you bill to AT&T is:
    Once you go there, you will be asked to enter your AT&T number, and then they will text you a code, enter that code in the space provided. Once you do you will be presented with your purchases!

    This is an actual AT&T site. If you feel more secure by navigating to it via ATT.com then follow these steps:
    1. Login to ATT.com
    2. Mouseover "Apps" in the menu bar, and select "AT&T Appcenter" from the drop down list.
    3. Scroll down the page, and find the box labeled "Apps & more" and click "buy apps"
    4. At the very top of the page click the link labeled "My Stuff"
    5. On the "My Stuff" find a box on the right hand side labeled "View all past purchases" and click the link labeled "Direct Bill Account"
    6. Enter your phone number(as described above)
    7. Enter code sent to your phone
    8. View purchases!

    You have to get a new code each time you want to view this information.
    01-08-2012 06:39 PM
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    01-08-2012 06:45 PM
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    that works too, but the Microsoft Billing website is kinda awful.
    01-08-2012 06:59 PM