1. Tetegra's Avatar
    I just switched from ios devices to WP8. One problem that's pretty annoying is that all the twitter apps I tied on WP8 do not display replies! Is there any app on the market has this feature?
    12-07-2012 02:04 AM
  2. a1abhishek's Avatar
    i m also looking for the same but not able to find till yet.

    12-07-2012 06:25 AM
  3. skillit0's Avatar
    The people hub will display replies if you select a tweet
    12-07-2012 06:43 AM
  4. Tetegra's Avatar
    The people hub will display replies if you select a tweet
    yes,but not all replies. People hub always lost some replies. Strange.
    12-07-2012 10:56 AM
  5. JamesTBurns's Avatar
    This so annoying in ALL Twitter apps, except Tweetbot, which seems to be an iOS/Mac exclusive.
    12-08-2012 04:18 AM
  6. zeronoise's Avatar
    try gleek!...show's the whole conversation, and is quicker than the ios and android twitter apps
    12-09-2012 09:21 AM
  7. kresbeatz's Avatar
    I tried almost every available twitter app in the store and I can say, that only one can show replies to any tweet - Tweet It! You should select tweet in your timeline and use option "Look for answers". That's only one that I found.
    12-10-2012 09:10 AM

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