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    Given the recent removal of all 3rd party Facebook apps from the store, it is worth noting that JDB for Facebook is back (aka JDB Facebook aka THE Facebook)

    here's the changelog:

    + Top bar is now fixed to the top (floating)
    + Fixed menu button problem
    + Added option to switch to basic mode in posting screen and fullscreen photos screen
    + Added Like button to conversations
    + Live tile & notifications also for messages/chat
    + Facebook "via app" selector (Windows Phone Plugin or Social Scout)
    + Improved chat
    + Improved performance
    + Fixed tagging issues on uploading photos
    + Fixed photo quality when posting
    + App renamed/rebranded to 'JDB for Facebook'
    It's the first 3rd party Facebook app to have a working live tile and toasts for all notifications including messages and the first which allows you to choose your accent color as app theme (no more uggly blue Facebook tile on your homescreen!)

    (I am not the developer of this app or related in any way, I just want to share this beautiful app with you.)

    This app was also featured on here not long ago: http://www.windowscentral.com/facebo...ws-phone-store
    05-15-2013 01:33 PM

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