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    it's sad that WP isn't this "open" and self-made like windows mobile was. WM wasn't much user friendly, but that's what i missed, you can do a lot of it, when you know how. i remember playing tomb raider on my 300 MHz / 64 MB phone.

    now i got a windows phone and the specs are nice, but it doesn't feel like the apps in the marketplace really use this. do you guys know any windows phone games / apps that made it to a port to windows phone?

    like a Doom Emulator, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Worms, some physics simulations, bluetooth crawlers / spammers, music players with equalizers and stuff. stuff like that. i'm semi-unlocked with the root tools, so keep them homebrew apps coming.
    05-17-2013 06:01 PM

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