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Trying to Update a 1520 to Windows 10 Mobile


New member
Jul 24, 2022
I've got this old Windows phone I've wanted to try out (yes I know they're old unsupported no apps etc.) just for a bit of curiosity but I've hit a total roadblock trying to get it updated to a usable state.

I've tried the OTC updater but I get an error "there are multiple root elements. Line 2 Position 2" every time I try to use it. I've tried the fix here but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Then I read into the semi offline updater talked about here. But that says I need to be running Windows Phone 8.10.14219.341. Currently the phone is running 8.1.12397.895. I've tried to update it and it does find the update but fails with the error 801822cb (network connectivity error) every time I try to download it.

I've tried the usual recommendations (restart/reset the phone, check wifi connectivity etc.) but none seem to help. It'll get anywhere from 4% to about 70% downloaded and then fail with that error.

I feel like I've just about exhausted all options to get this phone updated. Is anyone able to help?