1. mtiede's Avatar
    I downloaded the Nokia video upload program. Ran it. Uploaded a video. Only trouble is I don't know where it went. Where is it uploading to?
    09-16-2013 06:26 PM
  2. mtiede's Avatar
    I found it. It goes to YouTube
    09-16-2013 06:48 PM
  3. Ultimateone's Avatar
    haha, you had to sign into Youtube to upload it!
    09-16-2013 07:14 PM
  4. mtiede's Avatar
    Maybe it did that a while ago. I don't think it did anything this time.
    09-22-2013 07:46 PM
  5. mtiede's Avatar
    Nope, I just tried again and it did prompt. I must have just not been paying attention.
    09-22-2013 07:49 PM

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