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    I have been looking for a solution to my task managing problem for months now. My main problem is that I need to have my tasks available on both W8 and WP8. I've tried a number of app sets so far that haven't done it for me and I would like to know if anyone has stumbled upon some other task apps that sync between windows systems. I have a Lumia 1020 and a Surface Pro 64GB

    I've seen:

    Todo Prime
    Toodledo Apps (no good W8 apps)
    Remember the Milk Apps (Same as toodledo)
    Tasks by Terlik(?)
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    12-14-2013 12:41 AM
  2. Italianoleone's Avatar
    Wondering this too. Will be moving to WP8 next week and would like help regarding this. Thanks.
    12-22-2013 08:51 PM
  3. Italianoleone's Avatar
    It is important that both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps support reminders and snooze function. Any suggestions?
    01-02-2014 06:11 PM
  4. willrich354's Avatar
    Wondering if either of you have found anything interesting on the task app front since posting?
    01-18-2014 07:50 PM
  5. mjrtoo's Avatar
    Yeah, OneNote
    01-18-2014 07:51 PM
  6. toddpart's Avatar
    Check out Clever ToDo. Great app, especially if you like the GTD method. Nice WP app and I I have the webapp pinned on my Surface that is really nice. All synced up nicely.
    01-18-2014 07:55 PM
  7. Italianoleone's Avatar
    Does a reminder fire on both PC and phone simultaneously and can you snooze it?
    01-19-2014 12:49 PM
  8. toddpart's Avatar
    Reminder fires in WP and you can snooze it as well. Nothing onthe desktop as it is a web app in a browser.
    01-29-2014 07:45 PM

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