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    WOW Database for Windows Phone
    View in Windows phone app store
    World of Warcraft Database | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    Official site: World of Warcraft Database | For Windows Phone
    This is a World of Warcraft database app, including all items in the game, equipments, gems, pets, mounts and etc. You can fast to search everything, to see the 3D models, to know where it drops. This is the BEST WoW database app you can found in the windows phone app store.

    Database version : 5.4

    If an items name is too long, try to slide left or right to see the full name.

    [Main function of this app]
    1.Categories- View the items by categories.
    2.Prefix search- Default mode. Fast search way, at least one letter from the very beginning of the item name required.
    3.Fuzzy search- Can be turned on through settings. Its suitable to the Keywords not at the beginning of an item name.
    4.Inlist search- Can be used in categories.
    5.Random items- Click the button and you will get 10 random items.
    6.Basic information- To show the basic information of items.
    7.3D preview- To show the 3D preview of the items. Can be viewed from different angles by drag and slide on pics.
    8.More information- Show more information about the interested items including the dorp, comment and etc.
    9.Favorites- The favorites items could be saved into favorite for later review.
    10.Background pictures- Could save the background pictures into your phone media library. Up to 20 different pictures included.
    11.Offline review- Viewed items are automatically saved into storage. The saved items can be reviewed offline.
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