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    It seems the latest version of OD is really flakey. Trying to do any large number of batch uploads (around 50 or so) never ever finishes & always hangs with 20-40 more items (photos in my case) to go, where many also fail to upload at all. Then trying to cancel those uploads never fully cancels. Meaning opening up the app again shows they're still trying. I even went so far as do a hard power cycle, open up the app & it was STILL trying to upload.

    This has been happening for days now & I've just resorted to copying the pics off onto the PC and doing it from there, which sucks & defeats half the purpose of using the WP app at all.

    Anyone else experiencing this? I'd also like to know if there's another batch uploader for OneDrive I can use that'll let me upload larger (4mb +) files to specific folders on WP. Thanks.
    07-31-2014 12:27 AM

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