1. Melvinizer's Avatar
    I mean is everybody forgetting that we are missing a decent Facebook app for WP? The devs are concerned in bringing in new user interfaces(Which is in fact cool) but they firstly need to get it function properly! Both the Facebook and the Facebook beta so far lack the proper rendering of news feed from our friends just not only the pages we've liked... Seems like nobody cares about it nowadays... I know there are third party alternatives, but all of them just trend to display the mobile version of the Facebook website. Yea its pretty neat but then we do deserve a proper working full fledged official Facebook app. I don't find many articles here about the creepy facebook app nor many suggestions in the uservoice website. Lets make this forum large and popular. Lets fight for a decent facebook app.. Come on its been nearly years the app is been in development..... Lets join hands everybody.. Lets raise our voices..... Cheers 🍻
    08-24-2014 02:04 AM
  2. neitin's Avatar
    Os limitations is the cause of inconsistencies. I have started to live with it
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    08-24-2014 11:37 AM
  3. rishabk97's Avatar
    I've even deleted the Messenger app, I'm not any chat addict and not talking always. I've just the Facebook Beta app since it adds my Facebook account to my phone. Other than that, I've pinned my Facebook browser page to my Start Screen, so whenever I touch that time it automatically takes me to the Facebook mobile website and it does the job better than any other app. Now with the Cyan update, we can even upload photos via browser. So basically, the browser version lacks nothing.
    08-25-2014 02:19 AM
  4. Al_2's Avatar
    I've given up with the FB app and just use the mobile website. My newsfeed is totally barren in the app compared to the mobile site. The newest FB app is fluid, looks great and notifications generally work well, but the most basic FB thing, the news feed, is still terrible. I've noticed it doesn't display:

    - Friends tagged in posts
    - Friends liking/commenting on posts
    - Friends changing their profile picture
    - Instagram posts

    There are probably other things missing too.
    08-25-2014 03:53 AM
  5. JasoX's Avatar
    The app does not show all posts or posted picture. I suppose it will take a few updates to be usable.
    08-25-2014 04:00 AM

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