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    is there a windows art and craft software where i can make my own post cards.adding a stamp.name and address ,on the back adding photo to the front, where the front and the back tye up together on my printer.so that i have a sheet of postcards .with post side and photo side .so i can add the photo
    01-29-2016 06:41 AM
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    If you have or use Microsoft Office, there's a bunch of postcard templates in Microsoft Word.

    Here's a quick tutorial I found on the subject:

    How To: Make A Postcard In Microsoft Word - Printaholic.com

    Otherwise, I'd suggest Canva. I don't use it myself, but my GF uses Canva all the time and swears by it! Along with postcards, they have templates for just about anything. I've seen her produce some pretty impressive looking web graphics and flyers.

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    01-29-2016 07:54 AM

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