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    So it's a long story filled with terrible verizon service as always, multiple warranty claims and even breaking into my phone. The issue's are these 1) the huge speaker on the back only works when receiving a text or a call, other than that playing music, watching videos etc, no static, completely mute. 2) When i receive a call, I am unable to hear a peep from the earpiece, the only way I can hear someone is hooking up a pair of headphones or putting it on speaking which is annoying beyond belief 3) Bluetooth doesn't work with ANY device, but there is static and it does connect. The only thing i think could of happened is that it detects headphones in ALL the time which i heard is a common problem, some easy fixes are plug/unplug headphones which didn't work, soft reset and putting graphite in the heaphone jack didn't work, I even opened up my phone (which holy crap, is an hour project all in itself) everything seemed to be fine nothing was loose but i'm pretty sure i voided the warranty. Thing is all these problems came about within 24 hours of me getting my on warranty phone which had the same issues, as did the 1 before that. It's not the ened of the world but i've been dealing with this after the 30 day return period so i've basically been stuck in this ****ty circle for over a year, does anyone have any advice for me or would anyone like to take the rest of my two year contract haha.
    06-26-2014 06:55 PM
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    Forget VZW and go directly to Nokia. Here is a link:
    Nokia Lumia 928 - Support, Updates, Downloads and User Guides, Troubleshooting - Nokia - USA

    You should be able to check warranty status and then send in your phone for repair.
    06-27-2014 11:49 AM

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