1. JLP's Avatar
    After the official Twitter app was updated a day or two ago, I'm seeing double notifications in the WP8.1 preview Action Center. Anyone else seeing this?
    07-09-2014 08:54 AM
  2. JaiMento's Avatar
    I get it about half the time.
    Last edited by JaiMento; 07-09-2014 at 05:38 PM.
    07-09-2014 09:02 AM
  3. Jam8240's Avatar
    I'm getting it too, so annoying
    07-11-2014 09:37 PM
  4. erntsnst's Avatar
    same. uninstalled. reinstalled. stopped for about 2 notifications then was back.
    08-11-2014 03:11 PM
  5. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I get double notifications every time, but only with the official Twitter app. None of the 3rd party Twitter apps duplicate the notifications.
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    08-11-2014 03:12 PM
  6. steinhage's Avatar
    I've update my Lumia 620 tot 8.1 this weekend. And now I also get double notifications with the official Twitter app. No solution yet?
    09-02-2014 04:26 AM
  7. waazzupppp's Avatar
    Quick fix: disable all notifications - seriously... It now only beeps through once for me - even though they are off... :)
    09-23-2014 04:29 PM

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