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    Had a 521 and did the Previews for developers to get 8.1. Loved it so much I was going to buy a 925 but found a mint 810 on ebay. Figured I would do the preview and install 8.1 and be happy. Much to my chagrin the 810 I got was brand new and had never been unboxed. Soooooo...Amber had never been installed and now I find that Tmobile pulled it back in April.

    Their website shows the update as available but this is bogus. Their tech support cannot push it, Nokia support argued that my WP 7 was not eligible for and upgrade!!! After finally making them understand I was on WP8 they then babbled that Cyan wasnt available. After FINALLY getting them to understand that I wanted Amber they told me it was on the MS Store and I should go get it....... sigh....

    So.... I have seen where I could flash ROM it from a post on XDA developers.. I do not feel technically competent to do this. Is there another way? Maybe the Nokia Software Recovery Tool?? If I can get her to Amber I will do the 8.1 and be happy. It is a hell of a phone and i really like it. Or should I just live it with it? It does the job with MS Office and all the apps i need for work.
    07-23-2014 06:29 PM
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    07-24-2014 06:48 AM

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