1. Tech First's Avatar
    Hey so my fiance just got a 520 and when she tries to access the email she cannot get it to display the whole email. You can see the little preview before she clicks on it. But when she clicks the email she is trying to view it just shows the email address from the sender and thats all.

    So I'm not sure if this is just a Windows phone newbie issue or there is actually a problem with the phone/service.
    07-25-2014 11:38 PM
  2. rdubmu's Avatar
    Does he/she have internet service? or is he/she on wifi but isn't connected on the internet?
    07-25-2014 11:40 PM
  3. Tech First's Avatar
    she is on wifi and is able to DL stuff like apps so she is connected to the net. The browser does not seem to work either since I just get a blank screen on that when I do something like a google search. Beginning to wonder if its something wrong with the connection setup.

    I assume the correct way to open an email thread is to just click on it right?
    07-26-2014 12:10 AM
  4. Tech First's Avatar
    Still have not been able to figure this out. Blank screen on the browser and not able to see the full email. Any suggestions?
    08-02-2014 01:23 PM

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