1. deepak8330's Avatar
    What is a bit locker
    07-26-2014 07:28 AM
  2. MDK22's Avatar
    Now, that's just F'n lazy ... do a Bing or Google search ...
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    07-26-2014 08:40 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    Let me google that for you

    Bitlocker is a name for the encryption often used in MS products. Available in higher up versions of desktop Windows and as an option on phones, it encrypts drives and stuff.

    TL;DR Bitlocker = name for security.
    07-27-2014 02:19 PM
  4. booog89's Avatar
    If you have a Windows ultimate or enterprise running on your laptop, you are able to use that feature. Its a security feature where you will need to key in the BitLocker PIN to continue to Windows.

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
    07-27-2014 02:25 PM

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