1. Abzwarrior's Avatar
    After i updated my lumia 720 to 8.1 gdr 1 my camera stopped working, it crashes every time i open. Even the flashlight doesn't work.
    08-09-2014 12:03 AM
  2. Grodelj's Avatar
    This seems to be a huge problem on some *20 lumias. So far no solution for it AFAIK. Take it to Nokia care..
    08-19-2014 03:54 PM
  3. camo8723's Avatar
    Same problem with lumia 720. If anybody have a post about it on Nokia or MS forum please share it. This is unbelievable. Such fundamental function of the cellphone and is not working properly. I've read some suggestions about changing the region. I suppose it is related to the fact that camera is location and maybe it creates a conflict if you have a region that doesn't coincide with where you are. I did that to use Cortana so once I change I will let you know.
    09-12-2014 02:03 PM

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