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    Hi Guys,

    A few days ago i installed Heroes of Order and Chaos (HOC) manually by downloaded the .xap file from my region of windows phone store.
    I got about 900mb of space in my phone and the .xap file around 650mb. In the middle of installing process the notification about 'low storage space' showed up, and i tap 'close'. The installing process status bar then vanished (usually it indicates that the process had finished right?).

    Then i opened the 'Games' hub and couldnt find HOC in it, try searching the app list and no sign of HOC.
    I checked the 'SD Card' from the 'Store' app and it shows that HOC is already in my collection. So i went to 'storage check' and found that my phone memory went down to 187mb. Tried going to the store and finding HOC page (through 'search') and the option to install are still there (really weird).

    In the end i couldnt do anything with it, i can't played it nor uninstall it, and it takes relatively big amount of my phone memory. I've contacted the gameloft support and their answer is "Maybe your application is installed on your phone, but not on your SD Card. Try to delete it and download once again", which i found not helping at all (How am i supposed to delete it!? It didnt show up anywhere on the phone )

    And here is the question, how to fix this app? maybe how to uninstall it and clear my phone memory of it?
    So guys, if any of you know the solutions of this problem, please let me know.

    NOKIA Lumia 720 (8GB 512RAM)
    Windows Phone 8 - Lumia Black
    08-11-2014 08:03 AM

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