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    Hello guys,

    I face the following problem.

    I had a mp3 Philips GoGEAR Mix 4gb.

    At some point I needed a bootable mp3, and since i had only the mp3 i formated it and try to make the usb bootable for win7 using the windows 7 usb/dvd download tool.
    Anyway the creating of bootable usb started but never finished.
    The following morning I put the usb to my pc in order to install again the philips drivers and continue using it as a mp3.

    Well .. my computer cannot detect it at all, even if i go to my comp. right click manage etc.

    Any idea on how i can make my pc detect the usb or any software that might help?

    Thank you anyone

    P.S.: have already tried in win xp, vista & 7 with no results
    P.S 2: Sorry for my english are not the best.
    08-11-2014 12:10 PM

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