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    I have a Nokia 1520 that I took from developer upgrade 1 to wp 8.1 with Cyan then back to upgrade 1 so I have Cyan and upgrade 1.

    Since doing that Hulu + gives me an error (it works fine on my wife's Nokia 1020 with just the wp 8.1 and Cyan). I read, somewhere, that this will have to be fixed by either Hulu or Microsoft .... is that correct?

    Also, I can not send or receive texts with a picture. When I just had upgrade 1 I talked to AT&T Tech Support and they gave me an APN setup so I was able to text photos. But after both Cyan and Upgrade 1 I can not send or receive text photos. I called AT&T again but they couldn't make it work...My wife can text photos and I could do it with just upgrade 1 so it appears that the combo of cyan and upgrade 1 is doing something.... Any ideas????

    08-18-2014 03:59 PM

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