1. Piratelooksat40's Avatar
    My wife upgraded her ATT 1020 to 8.1 and now when she tries to take a picture, she gets a message that says "loading" then it drops back to the start screen. This happens if she selects the camera app or presses the camera button. I did a soft reboot but that did not help. Any suggestions?
    08-23-2014 01:49 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Which of the camera apps are you using? Perhaps try another.
    Also you could try uninstalling and reinstalling, as long as the app is not Camera, which AFAIK can't be uninstalled.

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    08-23-2014 03:24 PM
  3. Piratelooksat40's Avatar
    Tried different camera apps, none work. Going to try a hard reset.
    08-24-2014 03:34 PM

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