805a0190 No apps will download. Lock button dead, no data sense!


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Aug 24, 2017
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Ok. I downloaded VPN software from the Windows store both failed as I don't have a developer update to enable the apps. I only have IKEv2 not L2P2 or what ever it is. Well when testing it, I think it changed my region or something. Now every time I try to download any apps they go to pending forever or I get a 805a0190 error. What's more is my lock unlock button stopped working and I have to use a power source and plug in my phone to get past the lock screen. Apps that I had went grey and would not launch, so I deleted them and wiped my space. Then did a soft reboot via the lock and volume buttons. It can take screen shots still BTW. Note: The lock button will work if I hold it down, it goes to tell me slide down to power off, yet I cant use the same lock button to lock or unlock my screen. I have also seen my SIM card say its missing and I have no service yet with WiFi Off I still make calls and text message. Yet then after a simple restart it may show I have a SIM again or not, yet still cant download, but can make calls\text.

I wanted to get an app called one touch or something since my lock button is dead but I cant download any apps. I tried to take a backup, and before I did the last one was 3 months ago and I had like a 2 gig backup, then I failed to backup over and over and finally it did on cellular, then my backup was reduced to 27 MB. So what did it delete? What will it restore if I have to restore? Note that the right after a reboot for a number of seconds right after the reboot the lock and unlock button totally works to lock and unlock the screen, but then after that small window the functionality goes away again.

One of the worst things is DATA SENSE is GONE, I cant backup my videos of my kids and stuff because now when I plug up the USB to the computer it sees no Lumia or its drive any longer, not even if I have the Windows client to connect to the Lumia. I am desperate to find away to save my videos of my kids! Can I use Bluetooth and send them to another phone or use NFC or something? I don't want to attempt a reset or anything crazy until I find a way to recover the videos. I tried to enable upload video in backups when on WiFi, but it never complete a backup, it says cant complete a backup as OneDrive is not accessible and to update my phone, yet I can log onto Onedrive fine from the same phone via the browser and I have the latest updates it says. So the phone works, but its severely handicapped. I need help bad please assist in anyway possible with any ideas or advise.


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