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  • Lumia Icon

    2 66.67%
  • HTC One M8 for Windows

    1 33.33%
  1. Nicholas Maguire's Avatar
    I plan to get a new Windows Phone by the end of this year, so I have plenty of time. I'd like to decide though, would it still be better to get the Lumia Icon or get the HTC One M8 for Windows? I currently have the Lumia 820, so both would be big upgrades, but I'd like to be sure I make the right choice.
    08-24-2014 03:10 PM
  2. bradleymcc6's Avatar
    I have the Nokia Lumia 930 (pretty much the same as the icon) and I love it.

    The reasons I choose the Lumia over the htc would be; camera on the htc is pretty bad to say the least, and you get the AMOLED screen on the Lumia with deeper blacks, higher contrast, and an all round better experience

    Reasons I would go for the htc;
    Some will argue a nicer design, and the htc has an included micro SD card slot. You also get a better audio experience with BOOMSOUND speakers.

    Personally I would go for the Nokia Lumia icon because I prefer the design and the camera aspect of a phone is pretty important to me. That's just my opinion though;)
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    08-24-2014 03:17 PM

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