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    Hey guys,

    Just need a piece of information from users who switched from a 820/920/1020 to a newer Lumia 930/htc one m8

    On my Lumia 920 running DP 8.1, I tried the start screen with 3 rows of tiles. If I did live the fact that you have more info at first glance, I find the screen a bit small and the resolution may also be to blame. The large tiles are a bit blurry and the text is pretty hard to read. Therefore, I switched back to the old format.

    I was wondering, how does the start screen look on a 930? Considering that you can't choose between 2 rows and 3 rows, I'd like to know if the tiles are fully legible on a 5" screen.

    Thanks for your help!
    09-05-2014 12:07 PM

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