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    Have my AT&T Lumia 920 updated to 8.1 preview for developers in April and installed the most recent update 1 also. I have a fit-bit device and recently installed the fit-bit app. I cannot do the Bluetooth sync to my phone from the fit-bit device, though everything has been setup. Looks like i need to have the Lumia Cyan update. How do i know if i have this update on my phone and how can i get it? Please someone enlighten me..
    09-08-2014 01:18 PM
  2. T Moore's Avatar
    The AT&T update to 8.1 and Cyan have been released for the 920.
    If you have the developers preview installed you can not get the update until Microsoft releases a fix to allow updating because of bitlocker problems.
    Either wait for the fix or downgrade your phone to 8.0 using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool.
    Your firmware is in settings, extras+info.
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    09-08-2014 01:28 PM
  3. tamanasi's Avatar
    go to Settings > extras + info
    you can find the software release name written in bold letters using a similar font color.. :)

    If you see Lumia Black, please follow the Cyan update tracker page in wpCentral to find if its available in your region..
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    09-08-2014 01:32 PM
  4. aikidaves's Avatar
    As stated by T Moore, if you're on DP you won't get an over the air update to Cyan until MS and AT&T release it for the 920. They have released it for the 1520 and 1020, so I don't know why we're still waiting for it on the 920, but that's where we're at.

    If you really want to get it today, you can install the Nokia Software Recovery Tool on a Windows 7 or 8 PC and then use that to update your phone. Note that AT&T phones no longer go back to Black/8.0 if you do this - it installs Cyan/8.1 directly. However, this will clear all the data on your phone. You can backup and restore your settings and apps, and you can take care of things like pictures, videos, music, messages, and contacts in various ways, but any apps (especially games) that don't have a backup mechanism will lose their data. It does give you a nice, clean install, though, and cleans up any junk that may be hanging in your phone's memory.
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    09-08-2014 02:03 PM
  5. RumoredNow's Avatar
    mmm_-_homer_simpson.gif...clean install...
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    09-08-2014 02:20 PM
  6. rprs78's Avatar
    Thanks all. Will use the Nokia recovery tool. I hate MS for making us sweat like this.
    09-08-2014 02:22 PM

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