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    I have a 32GB microSD in my lumia 2520 tablet - the C:\ drive has 2.1 GB free of its internal 32GB and the SD has 271kb used. I use this for school, mostly word and powerpoint creation/editing, with a few games for timeburning when I have no assignments to work on. I do use Onedrive with a ~115gb account - ~30GB free space, so I don't sync it all to the tablet, just the lowest level i'm working on, always under 1GB, usually under 500MB. 1. Can I move any or all installed, runnable programs/apps to the sd card, and 2. Can I set any options (anywhere) to have personal files auto-saved to the sd (ie music, pictures, docs, etc)?
    09-28-2014 07:52 PM

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