Microsoft Lumia 640 - Does upgrading a memory card cause a factory reset?

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I am having some doubts about upgrading a memory card on a Microsoft Lumia 640, system on it is up to date as of today.

My girlfriend has an 8GB SD card installed in it, and it is full, so we can't take videos anymore, and while I backup the data to our PC regularly, she doesn't want to delete anything from the card to free up some space.

So I was thinking about inserting a 32GB card in the phone, but she doesn't want me to, as she insists the phone will factory reset, as this has happened to her once during previous SD Card change.

I tried googling, I downloaded the user manual, but I couldn't not find any warnings or mentions of this happening every time the memory card is changed.

I was thinking of formatting the new card using the same filesystem as the old one and then copying all the data in the 8GB card to the 32GB one, including the system and hidden files, and then reinserting the new card in the phone, hoping to retain all of her data.

I have done this with cards on android phones, and the phone had no problem accessing even the system files on the new sd card, it simply had no idea cards were changed, just having more free space now. But I honestly did not have that much contact with Windows phones, so that's why I'm asking.

The phone itself is awesome, and makes great shots, we would happily continue using it.

So, my direct question is, does upgrading a memory card cause a factory reset, and is there a way of doing the upgrade without triggering the factory reset?

Thank you in advance.

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